Welcome to beyond the times. My name is Walter Frick and I’m a writer and editor, interested in economics, data, and digital technology.

I’m currently a senior editor at Harvard Business Review where I edit and write about business, technology, and economics. I also lead our audience development and analytics efforts for the editorial side of HBR.

Before that, I covered startups and venture capital as business editor of BostInno. I’ve also written for The AtlanticMIT Technology ReviewNieman Lab, The Boston Globe, and the BBC, among other publications. I was a 2016 Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, researching how machine learning will impact explanatory journalism.

I started this blog in 2009 to write about how the internet was changing how we communicate and collaborate. Today it’s a place for me to write about that, but also economics, public policy, media, and whatever else I’m thinking about.

You can learn more about me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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