Sep 272011

This is a great scene. Not only is it a funny combination, but if you’re like me you may actually be a bit moved in favor of Timeline. But would Don really favor it? Or would he agree with this guy that forgetting is important? It is, after all, what his life is based around.

Jul 202011

Jonathan Rauch seems to willfully ignore how easy it is to create good filters that locate excellent content: 3) If we had but world enough and time (that’s poetry, btw), we could search for good stuff all day long and the average low quality of the blogosphere might not matter. But average people on average

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Jun 042011
Initial thoughts on Eli Pariser

Eli Pariser, president of the board at, has a new book out called The Filter Bubble,¬†and based on his¬†recent NYT op-ed and some interviews he’s done I’m extremely excited to read it. Pariser hits on one of my pet issues: the danger of Facebook, Google, etc. personalizing our news feeds in a way that