Oct 222011
Will Google Reader save Google+? Or will G+ ruin RSS?

Becca Rosen has an interesting piece at The Atlantic on Google+: But two changes Google is making may put a bit of life back into the site. First, Google Reader, the company’s RSS aggregator,¬†will soon be better integrated with the site. You’ll be able to share through Google+, not just through your Reader connections. For

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Apr 242011

I’ve been pondering “intelligence” a bit lately and on Friday decided that I wanted to spend some time this weekend reading about it. I was starting from roughly scratch and looking for good resources to learn how academic researchers define, explain and generally think about intelligence. I ended up finding some good stuff but the

Feb 062011

Last year The Atlantic Wire ran a terrific series in which it asked various thinkers and bloggers to write up a description of “What I Read.” From Clay Shirky to David Brooks, every response was interesting in its own way. Go read them all. I’ve been meaning for a while to write my own answer,